Dream Regime (8.24-9.13,2004)
a presentation of a collaborative residency by Gekidan Kaitaisha ("theatre of deconstruction")

- What bodies have appeared under the conditions of globalization? -

This performance is the result of two weeks of collaborative work between guest performers and Gekidan Kaitaisha, created on site at Schloss Bröllin for the Pro-Existence Festival. In the making of this work, we have been concerned with the theme of ‘reflection’.

Director's Note:
Shimizu Shinjin/Artistic Director, Gekidan Kaitaisha

A possible positive outcome of globalization is awareness of cultural diversity. It would be safe to say that almost all creativity in the international performing arts is driven by multiculturalism.

We are people who believe in furthering multiculturalism. This is because it strengthens what we want to express, it advances our level of thought, and it brings many artists of many races, overflowing with vitality yet struggling daily to survive, to 'a communication space' of merged genres. This will create a site of necessary vitality and knowledge. To create a work there must be a high-degree of continuous tension. And then, those who should be recognized, and those who should be admired can meet, and through an explosive exchange of actual bodies on stage revealing each other's 'otherness', 'history', and 'history's madness', we may come to accept the impossibility of understanding each other's difference.

We have named this project 'Dream Regime'. We intend to focus on the possibility of multiculturalism, starting with its re-examination. At this point, touching on the lectures, workshops and post-performance talks conducted during our world tour 2001, I want to refer to numerous conceptual responses to the multiple terror attacks in the US on September 11th, and to bring post-Cold War Globalization as material for analysis to the human body and to the stage.

We are becoming aware of places in the world where people are incarcerated, and whose screams are unheard. Through the international exchange of our stage productions, we aim to escape hostility towards difference and fear of the 'other' and be emancipated from 'history's madness', in order to realize our dreams.

Presented with the support of the Japan Foundation, Angro-Japanese Daiwa Foundation, Included as part of Japan-UK 150 programme.

Artistic Director
Shinjin Shimizu]
Adam Broinowski

Performers (Kaitaisha)
Hiruko Hino
Kenjiro Kumamoto
Miyuki Nakajima
Reiko Aota
Shiro Amemiya

Guest Performers
Adam Broinowski(Australia)
Matt Beere(Wales)
Tony Broer(Indonesia)
Pablo Pakula (Spain)
Elena Polzer(England)
Mikyoung Jun Pearce
Rebecca Woodford-Smith(Wales)

Stage Manager:Mitsu Hisashi
Lighting Designer:Kawai Naoki
Lighting Operator:Ambiru Shigeno
Sound Operator:Ochiai Toshiyuki
Technical Manager:Ito Kei
Video:Hata: Takeshi
Interpreter: Adam Broinowski, Komuro Noriko,Elena Polzer,Kuwabara Ayako
Photographer: Miyauchi Katsu
Production: Hata Takeshi,Elena Polzer


23 August - 6 September: Workshops, Rehearsals
Gekidan KAITAISHA workshop with invited 5 international artists / researchers.
10am-1pm: morning class
2:30pm-6pm: afternoon workshop & discussion
7:30pm-9pm: screenings / lectures
7 - 9 September: Collaborative Stage Production, rehearsal and performance
10am-7pm: rehearsals for performance
10 - 11 September: Public performance
7pm: Performance + post show talk with Gekidan KAITAISHA + invited artists
12 September: Symposium

Supported by

  • Arts plan, Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of japan
  • Japan Foundation
  • Saison Foundation