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Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak

劇団解体社(Theatre of Deconstruction)は1985年に東京で旗揚げし、現在日本で最も重要なオルタネイティブな劇団のひとつとされている。解体社は演劇、ダンス、音楽、ビジュアルアートを結合するその形式上の革新性と実験性において名高いばかりではない。何よりも解体社はテロリズム、レイシズム、性差別、イデオロギー、政治的紛争、といったテーマをパフォーマンスで取り上げ、現代世界の切迫した問題に立ち向かう果敢さを備えた政治的劇団とされている。介入と告白の演劇として、解体社は新たな演劇実践への道を開拓している。解体社の驚くべきパフォーマンスは、現代という時代の真実の身体的ドキュメントである。清水信臣が「唯一のリアリテイ・・・真実を伝える能力を備えた資料として唯一残っているものが身体なのです・・・21世紀における生きられた経験の濃度と諸矛盾を伝えることのできる唯一の媒体なのです」と言っているように。監視と管理のグローバルな体制によって管理され変容される身体を提示することで、そしてそこに最近の世紀[20世紀]の具体的な諸事件を書き込まれることで、解体社は単にグローバルな問題群をテーマ化するだけではなく、包囲された身体の提示を通して観客一人一人の個人的歴史のレベルにまで到達する。




BUTOH DANCE FESTIVAL2006, Klub Żak, Gdańsk

Information about artists:

Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak

Gekidan Kaitaisha (jap. Theatre of Deconstruction) was founded in 1985 in Tokyo and is currently regarded as one of the most prominent alternative theatres in Japan. Kaitaisha is famous not only for its formal innovations and experiments in bridging theatre, dance, music and visual arts. Most importantly Kaitaisha is a concerned political theatre that has the courage to confront the burning issues of the contemporary world by discussing through their performances such themes as: terrorism, racism, gender prejudice, ideology, political conflicts. As a theatre of intervention and confession, Kaitaisha paves the way forward for a new theatre practice. Kaitaisha’s daring performances are bodily documents of truth about current times. As Shimizu Shinijin stated: “The only reality. . . the only remaining document with the ability to tell the truth, is the body . . .the only medium capable of communicating the density and contradictions of live experience in the twenty-first century.” By presenting the body controlled and transformed by the global systems of surveillance and control, and inscribed by concrete events from the recent history, Kaitaisha not only thematises global issues but also reaches a level of personal history of each spectator by presenting a besieged human being.

Kaitaisha draws inspiration from the work of Tatsumi Hijikata (the founder of butoh), but also from Pina Bausch, Martha Graham, theatre of Tadeusz Kantor and the Japanese underground theatre (Angura engeki).

Gekidan Kaitaisha has visited „Żak” in 2004 to present Bye-Bye: Phantom – a performance which proved that contemporary theatre is capable of realising a strategy of resistance against the absurdity and violence of current times. The critics have highlighted that the performance presented a daring and uncompromising vision of the world marked by Gulf War and the events of 11.09.2001.
In 2005 Kaitaisha has accomplished a 3-year international project during which together with artists from various countries Kaitaisha has created a performance „Dream Regime” which considers hidden histories of both cultural diversity and supression in the world in an age of continuing migration and globalization and aims to stimulate dialogues and reflect upon contemporary intercultural arts practice.

Shimizu Shinjin, [cit. after:] C. Martin [in:] The New York Times, September 2001.

The Cultural Centre Klub „Żak” Gdańsk, Poland